Welcome, meet the family

As a township, Harvey is rich in entrepreneurial spirit. Pre and post WWII immigrants, many from Italy, built their livelihoods in the quaint close-knit community, at the northern end of the Geographe Wine Region. 

One of those valiant arrivals was Joe Giuseppe Sorgiovanni. It was on the banks of the Harvey River in 1927 1928 that he, a humble Italian immigrant, started his family farming legacy. 

Gathering on weekends with uncles and grandparents to make small batch wines was a much loved family tradition. Travelling up to the Swan Valley during the week to bring back trucks of Cabernet and Shiraz was not uncommon. An undeniable streak of competition, to see who would make the best bottles, permeated these sun soaked afternoons.

Growing up in the family business gave (Joe’s Giuseppe son) Kevin Sorgiovanni a keen passion for agriculture, a deep understanding and love of the land, business accruement and export experience - a well-rounded resume on which he has built his family’s wine venture Harvey River Estate. 

Kevin was raised amongst the orchards in Harvey. His first memory; sat in a crate of oranges while his mother was packing fruit. Early impressions running amuck between the rows of citrus trees, and driving tractors during school holidays are now shared with his (four) daughters, who have all grown up in Harvey and within the family businesses. 

These days, it is his daughter Juliette who joins him at the helm. Kevin’s three other daughters and wife remain close by to also lend a hand. The third-generation of the agriculturally acute Harvey-based family is a hands on operator who’s worldliness and eagerness sees her active in most areas of the winery. 

The hunger to try something new, the desire to build a bright future, and unwavering support of a close knit family are very much alive today at Harvey River Estate, just as they were almost 100 years ago when the family’s first seeds were sown on the banks of the Harvey River.

The Vineyard

It was in 1928 on the banks of the Harvey River that the first seeds were sown. Almost 100-years and three generations later our family’s love of the land and region is as fervent as ever. 

The varietal diversity and prevailing geographical properties of the Geographe Bay can be tasted in every bottle of our estate’s wines. 

The 50-acre vineyard is currently in a phase of transformation. Alternative varietals like Barbera, Moscato and Montepulciano are the Italian grapes now taking centre stage for upcoming vintages. 

As a family who is always evolving and experimenting with winemaking innovation, what else would you expect? Nestled behind the orange orchards, traditional varieties will still be preserved in the Geographe vines, and will continue to produce award winning Chardonnay and Shiraz for years to come.

In addition to the large Harvey vineyard, Harvey River Estate also works closely with and supports a selection of growers from across the Geographe and Margaret River Wine Regions. 

Fruits from around Harvey, the flats of Hithergreen, and the country backdrops of Yallingup have been sourced from trusted partners over the years, to create their accoladed line-up of well-rounded wines. 

Meet our winemaker

At the helm of Harvey River Estate’s winemaking is Stuart Pierce, a self-confessed Chardonnay lover who is dedicated to making wines people want to pour another glass of. 

Since joining the family’s winery in 2005, his philosophy has remained focused on minimal intervention processing, letting varieties speak for themselves, and building a range of accessible and expressive wines that celebrate everything the Geographe Wine Region has to offer. 

Stuart’s travels through Europe and years working in renowned South Australian wine regions like McLaren Vale, Clare Valley and Padthaway have influenced his dedication to the holistic health of vineyards and delicate approach to winemaking. 

Over the past 17 years Stuart and Kevin have worked together closely, evolving the winemaking practices at Harvey River Estate. 

From vineyard management, to processing equipment and technology, hand-in-hand they have established and are continuing to transform the winery.